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Services for individuals

Are you seeking support with your tax return and/or do you need assistance with any tax matter? Are you involved in a special life-situation such as retirement planning, inheritance, marriage, purchase home etc. and you are seeking special advice?

Tax Declaration

Do you require assistance with preparing your private tax return? From simple tax returns to those with large securities or (international) real estate portfolios, we are the right partner.

Financial and Pension Planning

If you are a few years before your (early) retirement, we may evaluate your personal optimization and planning options. Furthermore, may conduct any other financial planning issue.

Tax Planning

In addition to the preparation of tax returns, we may advise you on all your tax optimization and tax planning potential.

Will / Executors / Inheritance Division

Regardless of whether you want to write a new will or revise an existing one, we may support you. We may also assist you with dividing inheritance or taking on executor mandates.

Tax Appeal

We may assist you with regards to entire correspondence with the tax administration in case of objections or tax appeals.

Capital Investments

We render strategic advice about investing your personal assets as well as introduce you to the right products.


If you are looking for best mortgage options or any other financing options, we may assist.
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