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International Clients

Do you intend to start a Swiss company or branch from abroad? Or do you intend to move to Switzerland or plan to do so in future?
Work- and Residency Permit
Domicile-Company or Branch
Directorship Mandate
Swiss Tax Representation (e g VAT)
Bank Account Opening
Mail Handelling and Forwarding
Phone Number Administration

Set up a Swiss company

Do you intend to set up a Swiss company from abroad? While many services are the same as for a purely Swiss companies, the following areas must be specifically observed.


Most international companies need a domicile and TREUFiN Reuter AG can offer various interesting locations.

(Social) Insurance

If your company has employees, we can set up all social insurances for you.

Swiss Representative

Every Swiss company needs at least one representative (e. g. member of board or managing director) for Swiss commercial register. We are happy to provide such position for you.

International Tax Planning

International structures are usually characterized by complex tax issues. For this purpose, among other things, double taxation agreements are to be evaluated. Besides this even more in-depth clarifications are usually necessary with regard to other types of taxes.

Opening a Bank Account

Through an excellent network we can find the right Swiss bank for you.

Work and Residence Permits

When setting up an international company, various questions often arise regarding residence options and rights.

Fiscal Representative

In order for any foreign company to register for a Swiss VAT number, a Swiss representative needs to be appointed. TREUFiN Reuter AG may act as such representative and liaise directly with Swiss federal tax authorities.

VAT Reimbursements

Any recipient of Swiss services with a foreign domicile may be eligible to have Swiss prepaid VAT reimbursed to them.
Exclusive cooperation with the Switzerland-Austria-Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce
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