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for your Company

Company Formation

At the beginning of any collaboration, very often the foundation procedure is the first step. TREUFiN Reuter AG advises and accompanies you in all matters such as the choice of legal form as well as conduct foundation, choice of domicile as well as general structuring and organization.

Payroll Accounting

All employees of a company must first complete various (social security) registrations. After that, monthly payment slips must be prepared and corresponding payments are to be made. At the end of each year, the salaries are to be settled with the various social insurance bodies.

Tax advice

The foundation is usually accompanied by in depth tax evaluation and planning. This includes optimizing profit taxes, but also value added taxes and other typical taxes.

Annual Financial Statements

In addition to the day-to-day business, every company must prepare comprehensive annual financial statements. This includes the balance sheet, income statement, appendix and, if necessary, cash flow statements. Last but not least, an annual general meeting (AGM) must also be held.

Financial Accounting

Every company has a legal obligation to perform proper bookkeeping. Within the financial accounting all transactions are booked and presented in a balance sheet, income statement and appendix.

Tax Returns and VAT Statements

While a company has to submit a tax return every year, VAT returns have to be submitted several times a year.
News News
30. May 2023
Vorübergehender Aufenthalt in der Schweiz mit Erwerbtätigkeit von EU/EFTA-Staatsangehörigen – sogenannte "Entsandte"

(30. Mai 2023)

Darf ich als EU-Arbeitgeber meine EU/EFTA Mitarbeiter in die Schweiz zur Verrichtung einer Dienstleistung (Erwerbstätigkeit) entsenden?

29. December 2022
Das neue Aktienrecht ab 1. Januar 2023: die wichtigsten Neuerungen

(29. Dezember 2022)

Das neue Aktienrecht tritt am 1. Januar 2023 in Kraft. Mit vorliegendem Artikel sollen stichwortartig die wichtigsten Neuerungen aufgezeigt werden.

15. September 2022
Tax Aspects for Angel Investors

(15. September 2022)

Tax Aspects for Angel Investors with Oliver Reuter, President of Board and Certified Financial Planner at TREUFiN Reuter AG and Michel Kertai, Board Member, Director Legal at SICTIC.

Other Onetime Consultations

In addition to the above-mentioned ongoing services, TREUFiN Reuter AG offers the following services:

  • Buying / Selling a company (Merger & Acquisitions)
  • Company Valuation
  • Liquidation
  • International and Tax Structuring (incl. Holding Companies)
  • Detailed Tax Rulings (advance notification)
  • Payment Transactions & Filing
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