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As in many other professional areas there is also in the fields of accounting an increasing influence of digitalization to be seen. What are the Advantages of Online-Accounting?
The binding cabinet disappears
You save space
You can perform certain accounting tasks yourself
The administrational workload gets less
Your data is available anytime
You can act quicker

No physical paper anymore

Instead of heavy binders or thick mailings, all the accounting receipts and documentation are transferred, processed and archived digitally.

Automated handling and booking procedure

For example, you can connect your business bank account with your accounting system and thus, any bank-money transfers will be automatically processed. But also a business lunch may be directly processed into your accounting system while still sitting in the restaurant using an App. Additionally also other areas such as payroll, contract management or handling your account payables can be automated.

Current status is always available

With online-access-codes you can check at any time and location the status of your entire accounting and finances. You can check whether a debtor has paid your invoice or if the liquidity is sufficient for a planned expense.

Startup and accounting

Hardly a day goes by in which digitization is not discussed in the daily business press. This development affects and changes almost every industry and therefore every company. The dynamism is further intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic and this trend can no longer be stopped in the future. Since TREUFiN Reuter AG has assumed a pioneering role, this article is about the electronic signature.

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly means digitalized accounting?
Whilst the basic concept of a digitalized accounting is the same as traditional bookkeeping, they differ by concrete procedures and applications. The main difference is, that digitalized accounting in its ideal form has no physical paper documents anymore.
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