Digitalized solutions


Would you like to choose the right (online-) accounting tool for your financial accounting needs? Or are you looking for a digitalized solution for your sales department, resp. out-of-pocket expenses. Or are you in need for an interface between your online-shop and ERP-system, resp. financial accounting tool?

Consulting and selection from different financial accounting tools, resp. ERP systems

Digitalized invoice and out-of-pocket receipts management (e. g. for sales department)


Automatization and linking of your bank-payments with your account receivables and/or account payables

Evaluation and assistance with uploading your data from your online-shop into your financial accounting tool

Digitization for SMEs in the field of trust and administration

Hardly a day goes by when digitization is not discussed in the daily media world. This trend penetrates almost all areas of daily life and the economy. But what advantages can digitization bring to the internal accounting and administration processes of an SME? This article tries to create a summary and a guide for managers of SMEs and startups.

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