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General Situation

Due to increasing due diligence measures within the traditional banking industry it has become more and more difficult to obtain and open Swiss bank accounts for Corporates. These difficulties may be even more stringent if the corporation:

  • has an online-based business model without physical substance,
  • performs international trading with goods or services,
  • has a holding structure with international ownership,
  • or elsewise has difficulties obtaining Swiss bank account.



Because of these impediments new forms of payment services have been recently established. Therefore, TREUFiN Reuter AG has entered into a cooperation with MATTERHORNPAY, a platform providing transactional accounts for international corporate entities The advantages and characteristics are:

  • Manageable account opening procedure as well as pragmatic ‘Know Your Client’ documentation and due diligence measures
  • Cost efficient payment solutions for (international) corporates
  • Personal contact person (no unpersonal hotline solution)
  • Dedicated bank account in the name of the company with a European IBAN
  • Acceptance of global corporate entities, including classic special purpose vehicles and holding companies in the relevant jurisdictions
  • Access to SEPA and SWIFT for international payments around the world in most currencies
  • Access to a modern and secure online banking tool to register and monitor the payments 24/7
  • Access to foreign exchange solutions at competitive rates


Should you be interested to know more about this new service, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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